Looking for a room in Berlin? First take a bed in our Hostel!

Just for the first few weeks…

…a bed in our hostel is a good alternative after a busy house hunting to relax and to get insider tips from our hostel team about available rooms and the most amazing parts of the city. Compared with the room rents in Berlin depending on bed category to book a bed at our hostel is often cheaper or equal. Our door is open to all home seekers. We want to make your start in Berlin as pleasant as possible.

Roughly 3.5 million people currently live in Berlin. Many of them are students who just stay for one or two semester in Berlin. And some just stay for the summer. Since the revolutionary student protests in the 70s it is common to live together in a big shared flats. It is the easiest way to settle down in Berlin and you will find many shared flats (WG) available. Since the wall came down and Berlin has grown up to be a busy metropolis the situation with the rent market has changed and the prices have gone up. Finding a proper room in a WG (German for shared flat) isn’t that easy any more. The location is very important. Among the Berlin Hipsters Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Neukölln are the best districts in Berlin. But finding a room there is a troublesome adventure. Standing in a long line with about 20 other Students can be a normal situation now days. But maybe we can help you. We as Berliners got plenty of experience in finding a WG since we used to live in shared flats for a long time.

 Your room at the In-district

 Which area is the best to live in? This is the first and most important question. In Berlin the answer usually is Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. There you will find a lot of old buildings and old buildings mean large rooms and plenty of space. A must if you’re looking for a shared flat. No one wants to live in the broom closet. Friedrichshain and especially the neighbourhood around Boxhagener Platz is crowded and popular among students. It offers many pubs and cafés and of course the Revaler Straße, also known as “Technostrich” where one club chases the other. This gives you a good diversion from a stressful study. Neukölln has gotten very popular during the last few years but think about the everyday transportation. The FU Berlin is located at Dahlem. For us locals here in Friedrichshain it is in the middle of nowhere. Every day pilgrimage thousands of students to the campus in Dahlem. From Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg area the transportation could easily take you 45 minutes. The HU Berlin and TU Berlin are located straight in the middle of Berlin and are easier to reach. The technology and science headquarters are in Adlershof and it is relatively easy to reach from Friedrichshain using the S Bahn.

 How much is a shared apartment

Find your flat in BerlinThe times when you could get a cheap apartment in Berlin are long gone. But shared apartments in Berlin are still a good option for those making their first steps in the city. Around semester breaks and in the beginning of spring the renting price rises and it gets harder to find a place. There are however companies who make a lot of money with shared apartments with high rents, so when you are in Berlin take your time for your search for suitable apartment.

 Intern ship in Berlin

 It can be really hard to find a room if you are a trainee looking to stay only for few months in Berlin. For those people we got the magic word they need to look for: “Zwischenmiete” (interim tenant). Many locals are leasing their apartments/rooms out for short time period and you will find them online as well.


For Berlin and surroundings the websites wg-gesucht.dewg-welt.dewww.studenten-wg.de and also www.kleinanzeigen.ebay.de are the most important flat- search websites on the Internet If you are staying for a short period of time look at “Mietwohnzentrale“. Of course we at the U inn Berlin Hostel can help you out ones you are here and give you a hand searching for an apartment or maybe we already know a residential community that is searching for a new member.

 Photos by: Libertinus _timl and offshore @ Flickr

7 YEARS U inn Berlin


Come and celebrate our 7th Birthday with us!!!

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7 Years ago we opened our doors to welcome travellers from all over the world.

We could share so many nice moments with you and hope to do so

for many more years!


Come and celebrate our 7th Birthday with us!!!

One of our staff members is a professional jazz player and will play for you, our receptionists create nice cocktails  – and you? Come by and enjoy it all!!


Best price – guaranteed!

Dear traveller,
U inn Berlin Hostel Best price – guaranteed!Congratulations: You are on the verge of booking your bed for about 10-15% cheaper than anywhere else on-line. How can this be and why are we so sure? It’s simple: All booking portals on the internet do not provide such service for free; they collect a 10-15% commission for each booking. If you book directly with us, we spare you this extra charge, thereby passing the savings on to you! After all, we strive to make our guests happy, not the booking portals. Therefore, prices on all booking portals have been calculated to reflect this commission, and the original, low price is only available here on our Website. Plus, by making a booking directly with us you can get access to more rooms or beds. Sometimes when you try to book via a booking portal, you’ll be told there are no rooms available on the dates you selected. The good news is that if you check directly with the hostel, there may be rooms available for you.

Get in contact with us.

Another reason to book directly with us is a better service! If you have problems with your reservation, would like to make a change or have a specific request, you’ll be able to talk directly to the hostel staff without being referred to a booking portal for changes.

Best price – GUARANTEED!

See you soon at the U inn Berlin Hostel

Ein Bett für Snowden – A bed for Snowden

Dear Edward

ein bett für snowdenIt has now been one year since the Washington Post and Guardian broke news about surveillance practices by the US Agency called the NSA. Before this, almost nobody here knew what the National Security Agency was. Now we know, thanks to you Edward. Unfortunately, not everybody liked what you did so you had to flee; first to Hong Kong later to Moscow. Right now it seems you are kind of stuck in Russia. There is  great interest by the citizens of Germany to convince you to visit our lovely country. You revealed a great deal of information about what the NSA was doing here in Germany. Even our Chancellor Angela Merkel had to buy a new mobile phone coz her best buddy Barack was spying on her. Did she thank you for that? … No? We are sorry about that. We hope she invites you soon. If you ever find your way to Germany — maybe visiting Angela — you’ll have a place to stay.

We got always a free bed for you. See you soon!!!

Ein Bett für Snowden

Support Campact”Ein Bett für Snowden” visit Campact and offer Edward Snowden a bed.

Gulliver App, because great trips are all about the people you meet.

What makes a trip special? Is it visiting cultural and historical sights or discovering new places to eat, drink and go out? Of course, all of that is part of a good trip but which are those unique travelling moments which you will never forget? We think that those truly memorable moments which make travelling so special are all about the new people you meet and the experience you share with them.

Gulliver App test run BerlinAt U inn Berlin Hostel, we know that social atmosphere matters. You can meet fellow travellers in our comfy common area or in the guest kitchen and starting from May 16 also through Gulliver App. With Gulliver App, our guests can exclusively connect with each other and the guests of 18 other hostels in Berlin. With just a few clicks you can connect to hundreds of travellers currently staying in Berlin and meet up for a crazy night out, a city tour or to grab some food together – all for free of course. During the next month, we’ll invite guests to try Gulliver during check in. Also there will be posters, flyers and even a Gulliver tablet station in the hostel. At the tablet station, the App will be running live showing which travellers are up for what so you’ll never to miss out on the opportunity to meet cool people from all over the world. In the App you’ll also get cool suggestions of things to do in Berlin and some sweet discount at restaurants and bars in the area.


Download GulliverApp

Gulliver is developed by three German and Swiss passionate travellers. The App is brand new so the guys will be in the hostel every now and then to see how you get along with Gulliver. Don’t be shy and say Hi to them 😉 We’re quite keen about the idea to use new technologies to bring people back together in real life again. What do you think? We’re interested in your opinion, just leave a comment here or just start the conversation with us in the hostel. See you soon and happy socializing at U inn Berlin Hostel!

Happy Birthday to us!


U drinks

We turn five on the 1st of March! So give us a high 5! Every Check-in on that day gets a free Welcome Drink and everyone in the house is invited to the U inn Berlin Birthday Party! We will have free food and all drinks for only 1,-Euro!!! Test your karaoke skills and battle it out with other international guests and the hostel crew!


It has been an incredible 5 years hosting so many interesting and wonderful people from all over the world!! This celebration is our way of saying thank you to all those who have previously stayed here, for their part in building so many kind memories that have given spirit and warmth to our little home away from home! But also as a welcome to our current guests to come on up and boogie down yo…

U inn Berlin Hostel Our first guestbook entry


From the first day we opened till now, 5 years on our doors are always open to all the happy backpackers and other globetrotting travellers alike…. here are some of our favourite guest-book entries:

 „ … This Hostel is a Gem, probably one of the best hostels i was ever visiting (and I’ve been in many) Will surely recommend this Place! …” Tobias 2009

“ War ne richtig coole Woche, Geile Party Mukke am Morgen und supi Hostel. See you soon …“ Unknown happy guest 2011

“… it smells like rice in here but I like it. Makes me feel like home. 5 of 5 toasters. …” Jenny 2012

10 Years Backpacker Network Germany – January Special Offer

10 Years Backpacker Network Germany - January Special Offer The Backpacker Network Germany celebrates this year in Berlin its’ 10 anniversary. More than 60 Hostels from all over Germany comprise the Network (BNG). This year is not just any normal annual conference, it’s also the 10th anniversary celebration. On anniversaries it’s customary to give presents – the difference is, we’re giving you the presents! From January 2013 you can receive our gift from the U inn Berlin Hostel

This is our present for you, be our guest!

From the 7.01.2013 until the 14.01.2013 be “U inn Berlin”! We invite you to spend a few days in Berlin. Our Special Offer for you: Pay for 2 nights and stay the 3rd night for free. If you book this special offer you’ll also get a free beer on check-in. How about that? Go straight to our Booking Page and send us your booking request for the above-mentioned dates. Please note that you have to mention that you want to book the “BNG-Special” and we’ll take care of the rest.

See you in January!

20 Jahre Mauerfall: Le Grappillon und Lernmobil waren dabei!!

“Vor 20 Jahren bin ich nach dem Sandmännchen ins Bett gegangen und am nächsten Morgen wachte ich in einem Europa ohne Mauern auf”

Le Grappillon und Lernmobil

U inn Berlin Hostel le.grappillon.berlin.wallVor einer Woche wurde in Berlin groß gefeiert. Hunderttausende Berliner und vor allem Gäste aus aller Welt jubelten als die symbolische Mauer aus 1000 übergroßen Dominosteinen in sich zusammen fiel. Diese Dominosteine sollten die Ereignisse darstellen die vor 20 Jahren zum Fall des eisernen Vorhangs geführt haben. Es war ein wunderbarer Event dem auch viele Staatsgäste aus dem europäischen Ausland beiwohnten. Angestoßen wurden die Steine von wichtigen Persönlichkeiten der Wiedervereinigung. Auch unser Hostel stand voll im Zeichen der Wiedervereinigung. 40 Kids aus Frankreich und Deutschland übernachteten bei uns. Sie gehören zu einer gemeinsamen Gruppe von jugendlichen mit geistiger Behinderung die am Brandenburger Tor zur U inn Berlin Hostel le.grappillon.u.inn.berlinWiedervereinigungsfeier einen Auftritt hatten. Es war wirklich schön mit an zu sehen und zu erfahren wie man in anderen Europäischen Ländern über die Wiedervereinigung denkt und das dieser Tag nicht nur ein Deutscher Feiertag ist, sondern in ganz Europa große Bedeutung hat. Wir hoffen das Die Kinder von le Grappillon und Lernmobil viel Spass in Berlin hatten. Wir hatten diesen auf jeden Fall.

Mehr Informationen über die Reise von le Grappillon findet ihr auf Ihrem Blog

“Schmaulie”  <— for those who know 🙂