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U inn Berlin Hostel Best price – guaranteed!Congratulations: You are on the verge of booking your bed for about 10-15% cheaper than anywhere else on-line. How can this be and why are we so sure? It’s simple: All booking portals on the internet do not provide such service for free; they collect a 10-15% commission for each booking. If you book directly with us, we spare you this extra charge, thereby passing the savings on to you! After all, we strive to make our guests happy, not the booking portals. Therefore, prices on all booking portals have been calculated to reflect this commission, and the original, low price is only available here on our Website. Plus, by making a booking directly with us you can get access to more rooms or beds. Sometimes when you try to book via a booking portal, you’ll be told there are no rooms available on the dates you selected. The good news is that if you check directly with the hostel, there may be rooms available for you.

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Another reason to book directly with us is a better service! If you have problems with your reservation, would like to make a change or have a specific request, you’ll be able to talk directly to the hostel staff without being referred to a booking portal for changes.

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Happy Birthday to us!


U drinks

We turn five on the 1st of March! So give us a high 5! Every Check-in on that day gets a free Welcome Drink and everyone in the house is invited to the U inn Berlin Birthday Party! We will have free food and all drinks for only 1,-Euro!!! Test your karaoke skills and battle it out with other international guests and the hostel crew!


It has been an incredible 5 years hosting so many interesting and wonderful people from all over the world!! This celebration is our way of saying thank you to all those who have previously stayed here, for their part in building so many kind memories that have given spirit and warmth to our little home away from home! But also as a welcome to our current guests to come on up and boogie down yo…

U inn Berlin Hostel Our first guestbook entry


From the first day we opened till now, 5 years on our doors are always open to all the happy backpackers and other globetrotting travellers alike…. here are some of our favourite guest-book entries:

 „ … This Hostel is a Gem, probably one of the best hostels i was ever visiting (and I’ve been in many) Will surely recommend this Place! …” Tobias 2009

“ War ne richtig coole Woche, Geile Party Mukke am Morgen und supi Hostel. See you soon …“ Unknown happy guest 2011

“… it smells like rice in here but I like it. Makes me feel like home. 5 of 5 toasters. …” Jenny 2012

10 Years Backpacker Network Germany – January Special Offer

10 Years Backpacker Network Germany - January Special Offer The Backpacker Network Germany celebrates this year in Berlin its’ 10 anniversary. More than 60 Hostels from all over Germany comprise the Network (BNG). This year is not just any normal annual conference, it’s also the 10th anniversary celebration. On anniversaries it’s customary to give presents – the difference is, we’re giving you the presents! From January 2013 you can receive our gift from the U inn Berlin Hostel

This is our present for you, be our guest!

From the 7.01.2013 until the 14.01.2013 be “U inn Berlin”! We invite you to spend a few days in Berlin. Our Special Offer for you: Pay for 2 nights and stay the 3rd night for free. If you book this special offer you’ll also get a free beer on check-in. How about that? Go straight to our Booking Page and send us your booking request for the above-mentioned dates. Please note that you have to mention that you want to book the “BNG-Special” and we’ll take care of the rest.

See you in January!

“We call it Wasserschlacht” Food fight at Oberbaumbrücke August 28th 2011

Wasserschlacht oder Gemüseschlacht – Water-fight or Food-fight! Call it as you like! The last Wasserschlacht took place in 2008 at the Oberbaumbrücke between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. And it was an epic event. No need to guess who won the fight coz as always Friedrichshian WON!! Why we do it?

Simple answer! Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg were once 2 separate districts. But politicians made a decision and now it is one big district. They take care of all the basic stuff like new street name signes and so on…But they forgot the far most important question. Who will be the king in the new born district. hat’s what the fight is about and so far Friedrichshain always wins. The last Wasserschlacht took place 4 years ago and now Kreuzberg claims once agin that the throne belongs to them.

We want you to help Friedichshain and join us on the 28th of August at 12am at the Oberbaumbrücke. Equip yourself with a camouflage rubbish bag a water gun and some old vegetables. Everything what is old rotten or soft is allowed. Prepare yourself to get a little dirty 🙂

See you at Oberbaumbrücke.

How to order a Döner Kebap in Berlin

U inn Berlin Hostel Blog How to order a Doener in Berlin Berlin Döner History

What is Döner anyway? The Berliner Döner is a Turkish fast food, invented in Berlin by a Turkish immigrant in 1971. Its white Turkish bred with salad, meat and sauce. First thing you need to know is that there are few different kinds of Döner’s. It can be served with different sauces and different kinds of meat. You can also change the make-up of the salad, so if you don’t like onions for example you can naturally leave them out, as everything else you don’t like. If you don’t like to eat the bred, you can also order the Döner on a plate.

The standard Döner is served as follows:

White bred cross and warm baked with lamb or chicken, different kinds of vegetables like onion, tomato and cucumber, corn and red cabbage. You usually have three different sauces to choose from: Garlic sauce, herbal sauce and hot sauce. It’s common to mix the hot sauce with one of the others but not garlic and herb sauce. The hot sauce is really hot and only for the brave ones – and be warned, it might burn two times. If you want to try it, we recommend asking for only a little bit hot sauce – “nur ein kleines bisschen scharfe Soße”

Order a Döner

So let’s imagine: You’re starving and have dreamed about trying a Döner your whole life. You want to order a Döner, but you speak English and the Turkish guy at the fast food restaurant speaks German and Turkish. What to do? Desperation! No Turkish-English interpreter around? F*** you’ll have to starve.

Or let us help you and use the following crib:

U-inn-Berlin-Hostel-Chicken-DönerJust click on the link to hear the translation –> [1][2][3]

  • One/ two/ three Döner – Ein/ zwei/ drei Döner  [1] [2] [3]
  • Without / with – ohne / mit [1] [2]
  • Onion – Zwiebeln [1]
  • Tomatos and cucumber – Tomaten und Gurken [1]
  • Red cabbage – Rotkohl [1]
  • Hot sauce – Scharfer Soße [1]
  • Garlic sauce – Knoblauchsoße [1]
  • Herb Sauce – Kräutersoße [1]
  • Chicken – Huhn [1]
  • Lamb – Lamm [1]
  • A Döner on a plate (without bred) – Ein Dönerteller [1]

For example:

I would like to have a Döner with chicken, without onions and with hot and garlic sauce.

Ich hätte gern einen Döner mit Huhn, ohne Zwiebeln, mit scharfer Soße und Knoblauchsoße. [1]

The Dönerman is asking: “Mit scharfer Soße?” Wich means „With hot sauce?“ and you might say:

“No thanks, no hot sauce.” – “Nein Danke, keine scharfe Soße.” [1]

“Yes, but only a little bit.” – “Ja, aber nur ein bisschen (scharfe Soße).” [1]

As you finally trust us, try out this with your favourite Dönerman:

Ick hätt jern nen Döner mit scharfa Soße und’n  Sterni [1]

And now some basics:

  • Please – Bitte [1]
  • Thanx – Danke [1]
  • Good bye – Tschüss [1]
  • It was delicious – Es war lecker [1]
  • I love Döner – Ich liebe Döner [1]

We hope you will find this guide quite helpfull and enjoy the Google Translation links as much as we did.

Liese & Chris

BerMuDa – Berlin Music Days 3-6 Nov. 2010

Berlin Music Days

U inn Berlin Hostel BerMuDa Berlin Music DaysIn der ersten Novemberwoche ist es endlich wieder so weit. Vom 3. November 2010 – 6. November 2010 wird sich zu den Berlin Music Days in Berlin die internationale elektronische Musikszene versammeln. Nach dem großen Erfolg der letztjährigen BerMuDa mit über 30.000 Besuchern, Labelmachern, Musikern und Easyjetset, wird dieses Jahr noch einer drauf gesetzt. Im letzten Jahr konnte man in 40 Berliner Clubs zu über 100 Djs und Live-Acts feiern. In diesem Jahr kommt ein reichhaltiges Tagesprogramm in unzähligen Locations verteilt über die Stadt hinzu. Und zum Highlight heißt es dann am Wochenende Fly BerMuDa auf dem ehemaligen Flughafen Tempelhof.

U inn Berlin Hostel BerMuDa Special Rate

Die Berlin Music Days verstehen sich nicht als eine Musik Messe sondern mehr als ein Festival, einen Querschnitt der Berliner Clubkultur, die natürlich maßgeblich am internationalen Takt beteiligt ist. Ziel ist es elektronische Musik in einer authentischen Umgebung zu präsentieren. Welche Stadt eignet sich hierfür besser als Berlin. Die Hauptstadt der elektronischen Beats. Das Berlin diesen Titel verdient, beweisen Jahr für Jahr die Clubtrouisten die nach Berlin pilgern und die vielen Künstler, Bookingagenturen und Labels die in Berlin ansässig sind. An den 4 Tagen hat man die Möglichkeit das breite Spektrum elektronischer Musik kennenzulernen und man bekommt ein Eindruck davon was hinter den Kulissen passiert. Aber auch Szenekenner können sich austauschen und neues entdecken.

Das LineUp

U inn Berlin Hostel Fly BerMuDa

Von Mittwoch an werden die Nächte länger in den Berliner Clubs. Ein internationales LineUp erwartet Euch. Onur Özer, Oliver Koletzki, Omar S, Ellen Allien, Superpitcher, Sascha Funke, Dario Zenker, Till von Sein, Thomas Schumacher und Thomas Koch um nur einige Namen zu nennen. Den Abschluss der BerMuNights wird das Festival der Extraklasse auf dem Flughafen Tempelhof bilden. Das diese Location begeistern kann, hat sie beim Berlin Festival bewiesen. Aber auch das großartige Lineup wird für viele ein Grund sein Berlin einen Besuch abzustatten. Mit dabei sind Paul Kalkbrenner, Sven Väth, Richie Hwtin, Loco Dice, Tiefschwarz und viele mehr. Euer Flugticket könnt Ihr am 6. November einlösen.

Im Rahmen der BerMuDa veranstaltet De:Bug die Musiktechniktage. Hier könnt ihr kostenlos bei „Native Instuments“, „Ableton“ und „Propellerhead“ reinschnuppern. Oder schaut mal bei den Jungs von Soundclound vorbei, dem jungen Startup mit internationalen Ambitionen.

Auf der BerMuDa ist jeder willkommen, sich zu präsentieren. Ihr könnt Eure Ideen einsenden. „Be Part of It“ Dank des offenen Konzeptes werden auch in Zukunft die Berlin Music Days Interessierte mit ihren Workshops und Showcases nach Berlin locken.

Um ein solches Mamut-Programm durchzustehen, sollte es an Schlaf nicht fehlen. Wir bieten Euch zur BerMuDa eine Special Rate an.

Single: 25€;  Double/Twin: 24€;  Triple: 20€;   4 Bed dorm: 15€;   5 Bed dorm: 14€;   8 Bed dorm: 13€


U inn Berlin Hostel BerMuDa Special Rate


Alle Preise sind inklusive kleinem Frühstücksbuffet, damit ihr gestärkt in die BerMuDays geht. Gebt einfach bei der Buchung mit an das Ihr für die BerMuDa buchen wollt. Dieses Angebot ist nur bei Buchung per e-Mail oder Telefon möglich.

Berlin Marathon 26th September 2010

Berlin Marathon

U inn Berlin Hostel Marathon Berlin1974 the Berlin Marathon started and has appeared annually ever since. Günter Hallas who was the first person who win the Berlin Marathon is still run the marathon today. Maybe you will see him on the 26th of September running through the streets of Berlin.

1 million spectators

U inn Berlin Hostel Marathon Berlin MapAs Part of the World Marathon Majors, this Marathon is together with races in Boston, Chicago, London and New York one of the most important event in the world. In the last years over 35,000 runners were cheered on by more than 1 million spectators. In 1990 the first Marathon in the reunited City of Berlin led through both parts of the German capital. The Brandenburg Gate was the symbol of freedom and that brought out tears in the eyes of many participants in 1990 when they pass the Gate. The course of the Berlin Marathon is well-known for its sightseeing potential. The course takes runners past several of Berlin’s historic landmarks, such as the Reichstag, Potsdamer Platz, Berliner Dom, and of course the Brandenburg Gate just before the finish line. Here you can take a history lessen by running the Berlin Marathon, ancient buildings mixed between modern hi-tech.

Haile Gebrselassie

What we will see this year? Nobody knows but the last years guarantee a lot of action. More than one world record has been set on the flat, low-altitude course. 2007 and 2008 the Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie set the new world record and in 2009 he did pass the 30K point in 1:27:49 which is a world record on road. Last year for Marathon U inn Berlin Hostel was full with runners from all over Europe and we looking forward to see them again and wish them good luck on thier 42.195 kilometres.

U inn Berlin Hostel Friedrichshain Marathon Berlin

U inn Berlin Hostel Friedrichshain Marathon Berlin

U inn Berlin Hostel Friedrichshain Marathon Berlin

U inn Berlin Hostel Friedrichshain Marathon Berlin

Berlin’s Top 5+1 Beach Bars for the Summer

Beach Bar’s in Berlin

Check out our updated version for 2013 Top 5 Beach Bars and Chillout Spots in Berlin

Goin` for the beach in Berlin? Oh yes! The Spree river that curls through the city is about 46 kilometers long. Enough space for a vaste variety of beaches and beach bars. Which of those spots is the best, coolest or most relaxing place? – You´ll have to define for yourself. Here is our 5+1 list of recommendations for Berlin beach action. (The „Club der Visionäre“ [‘club of visionaries’] is not a real beach bar, yet it has to be on the list, as it is one of Berlin´s finest chill-out locations.) All locations are not far away from the U inn Berlin Hostel

Club der Visionäre

U inn Berlin Hostel Club der Visionaere Cvd

The „Club der Visionäre“ is no beach bar as such. The sand is replaced by wooden planks, which makes the bar partly floating on the water. Sitting with dangled legs in the cool water, sipping on your drink while trees all around the club provide you with shade. This is the perfect place to relax. On the weekends the CdV turns into a floating party with cool techno beats by well known DJ’s of the scene.


Address: Am Flutgraben/Lohmühlen Insel

Kiki Blofeld

U inn Berlin Hostel Kiki BlofeldThe ‘Kiki Blofeld’ you´ll find right opposite of the Bar25 at the river Spree. The place is cozy and relaxed with more green and less sand around. On the premises is also an old (sea-) bunker from the times of GDR border-police. Nowadays this is where the music plays after nightfall. There is also pool and table tennis and for the culinary well-being you can order pizza or grilled sausages. By the way: Kiki Blofeld is the daughter of Ernest Stavros Blofeld the villain from the early James Bond movies. Kiki wanted to redeem her name and so she gave us this compound of nearly1 hectar.


Address: Köpenickerstr. 48

Yaam Reggae Beach Bar

U inn Berlin Hostel yaam reggae beach bar

The Yaam has earned itself quite a reputation over the years as „Berlin`s finest place in reaggae culture” and most Berliners know it of course. Here one can hang out and relax to reaggae vibes. On the premises you´ll find fields for basketball, a halfpipe and the obligatory table tennis. At night the beach bar is magically transormed into a hot club where one can dance and party till dawn.


 Address: Stralauer Platz 35

 Bar 25

U inn Berlin Hostel Bar 25

You´re jus´ looking for a break, silence and relaxation? You jus´ wanna hang out in the sun with your feet in the ice-cool water, while nothing bothers you? Then definitely avoid Bar 25! as this is the location for afterhours in Berlin. Though it´s not really clear, when the afterhour starts or ends, but most certainly you can dance and party on even on a monday night.


Address: Holzmarkt 25

Badeschiff – Arena

U inn berlin Hostel Badeschiff Arena

Berlin’s swimming pool in the river Spree. Here you can drop by – to see and be seen. Students reading books, DJ’s spinning the records and Checker checking. Paddling lonely is not a townie’s thing, so do not be surprised if it gets tight. Sitting lonely at the lake is quite a back number.


Address: Eichenstrasse 4


U inn Berlin Hostel Oststrand

The ‘east beach’ is situated in the former border strip of the berlin wall, right behind legendary east-side-gallery, just next to the O2-World arena. Since going to see the east-side-gallery is on top of most visitor´s checklist, attending ‘Oststrand’ is definetely worth the small detour. Just give yourself the time to hang out for a cool beer or a fruity cocktail. They also make fresh pizza! In july the 8th Völkerball – worldchampionship will take place here.


Address: Mühlenstrasse 24-26

Top 5: WM 2010 Public Viewing Berlin Locations


Soccer World Championship

Finally the soccer world championship is back. But still if you couldn’t afford to travel to South Africa, you can even join the world championship in Berlin via public viewing. As South Africa is in the same time zone as Germany you can watch the games without time delay. All games that will take place at 04.00 pm and 08.00 pm will be shown via public viewing in Berlin. The start is on June 11th and the final will be one month later in South Africa, which is the 11th July.

Welcome to the Fanmeile

The biggest public viewing party takes place at the “Fanmeile” in “Straße des 17. Juni”. Although the first games of the German team will be shown on a huge screen in front of “Olympia Stadion”. But from the eighth-finals it’s going on at the “Fanmeile”. Several hundred thousands of people are expected to visit.

If you prefer a more comfortable atmosphere you can experience public viewing in many Berliner bars, beach bars, restaurants, pubs and beer gardens in Berlin.

Public viewing in Berlin

If you want to organize a public viewing event yourself, you have to apply for a license at the “FIFA” website. You can publish your location and also find help and the most important application forms at Public viewing in Berlin is most popular since the world championship in 2006. So if any bar owner wants so make some money on the side, they can’t go wrong with that!

This is just a few tips from our side:

Fanmeile at Brandenburger Tor

U inn Berlin Hostel Public viewingThe big “Fanmeile“ at “Brandenburger Tor” only takes place at the half-finals/ eights-finals at the final game. The big screen is 80qm.Straße des 17. Juni, Mitte Max. Capacity: 500 000

Entrance fee: Free

 Arena Badeschiff Berlin

U inn Berlin Hostel Public viewing berlin Arena badeschiffThe “Arena Berlin” will show all games of the world championship live, inside as well as outside on the big screen. All broadcasts are presented by celebrities. Eichenstraße 4, Treptow, Telefon: 533 20 30

Max Capacity: 1.000 indoor/outdoor


Bar 25

U inn Berlin Hostel Bar 25The Berliner scene bar “Bar 25“ will show all games of the world soccer championship 2010. Certainly you can party and hang out in this location before and after all games. Directly situated on the river “Spree”, this is probably one of the most beautiful public viewing locations in Berlin. Holzmarktstr. 25, Friedrichshain, Tel: 0157 71 53 04 25

Max. capacity: 500  Entrace fee: Free

 Rosi´s Klub

U inn Berlin Hostel Public viewing Berlin Rosis clubThe “Rosis” is situated in the “Revaler Straße“ which is the party street in Berlin. Next to the U inn Berlin Hostel all games will be shown there. Entrance begins 1-2 hours before game start. Revaler Str. 29, Friedrichshain

Max. Capacity: 500


U inn Berlin Hostel yaam reggae beach barYou can cheer all games in the “Yaam“ club on the big screen. At the same time you get nice beach feeling. Stralauer Platz 35, Friedrichshain, Tel: 615 13 54

Entrance fee: Free