Happy Birthday to us!


U drinks

We turn five on the 1st of March! So give us a high 5! Every Check-in on that day gets a free Welcome Drink and everyone in the house is invited to the U inn Berlin Birthday Party! We will have free food and all drinks for only 1,-Euro!!! Test your karaoke skills and battle it out with other international guests and the hostel crew!


It has been an incredible 5 years hosting so many interesting and wonderful people from all over the world!! This celebration is our way of saying thank you to all those who have previously stayed here, for their part in building so many kind memories that have given spirit and warmth to our little home away from home! But also as a welcome to our current guests to come on up and boogie down yo…

U inn Berlin Hostel Our first guestbook entry


From the first day we opened till now, 5 years on our doors are always open to all the happy backpackers and other globetrotting travellers alike…. here are some of our favourite guest-book entries:

 „ … This Hostel is a Gem, probably one of the best hostels i was ever visiting (and I’ve been in many) Will surely recommend this Place! …” Tobias 2009

“ War ne richtig coole Woche, Geile Party Mukke am Morgen und supi Hostel. See you soon …“ Unknown happy guest 2011

“… it smells like rice in here but I like it. Makes me feel like home. 5 of 5 toasters. …” Jenny 2012

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