Ein Bett für Snowden – A bed for Snowden

Dear Edward

ein bett für snowdenIt has now been one year since the Washington Post and Guardian broke news about surveillance practices by the US Agency called the NSA. Before this, almost nobody here knew what the National Security Agency was. Now we know, thanks to you Edward. Unfortunately, not everybody liked what you did so you had to flee; first to Hong Kong later to Moscow. Right now it seems you are kind of stuck in Russia. There is  great interest by the citizens of Germany to convince you to visit our lovely country. You revealed a great deal of information about what the NSA was doing here in Germany. Even our Chancellor Angela Merkel had to buy a new mobile phone coz her best buddy Barack was spying on her. Did she thank you for that? … No? We are sorry about that. We hope she invites you soon. If you ever find your way to Germany — maybe visiting Angela — you’ll have a place to stay.

We got always a free bed for you. See you soon!!!

Ein Bett für Snowden

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