Full Metal Jacket – Screening at Griesmühle – 13/08/2018

Full Metal Jacket is one of the most famous and influential movies of all times. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, his take on the Vietnam War is widely recognised as a magnificent statement on the horrors and pointlessness of war.

The film follows Private Davis and pudgy Private Lawrence as they endure the rigors of basic training. Though Lawrence takes a frightening detour, Davis graduates to the Marine Corps. The Corps sends him to Vietnam as a journalist. Here he covers and eventually participates in the bloody Battle of Hué.

The screening starts at 9:15 pm, Sonnenallee 221. You’ll find the Mobile Kino at Griessmuehle right behind the S-Bahn station Sonnenallee.

Get your tickets here or at the venue. It’s only 7€. If you have a Berlin Pass or Student ID it’s only 6€.Full Metal Jacket, movie, Kubrick

IT screening at Freiluftkino Hasenheide on 31st of July 2018

The FREILUFTKINO HASENHEIDE shows the amazing horror movie ‘IT’. It’s a remake of the horror classic based on the novel by Stephen King.

When mysterious kidnappings occour in the city of Derry a group of young kids investigates. Quickly however they have to face their deepest fears, when they come face to face with the gruesome clown Pennywise.

‘IT’ was a huge success when it was released in 2017. If you’re up for a little scare, this is your chance.

The film starts at 9:15pm.

It fim movie

La La Land – Screening at Freiluftkino Hasenheide – 23rd of July 2018

Monday’s are perfect for a good movie under the stars. This Monday, 23/07/2018, the open air cinema FREILUFTKINO HASENHEIDE will show a screening of La La Land.

The six times Oscar awarded La La Land is of one of the best movies of recent years. It tells the story of a charismatic Jazz musician, played by Ryan Gosling, and a striving actress, played by Emma Stone. They’re trying to make ends meet in Hollywood and struggling with love in the process. It’s a must see really.

The movie starts at 9:30pm.

la la land, film, cinema

Open Mic Sunday at Kindl Stuben on Sunday 15th of July 2018

The Open Mic Sunday at Kindl Stuben is on again on Sunday. It’s one of the best open mics in the city and definitely worth a visit.

If you want to sing yourself bring your own guitar and show up early, perhaps you’ll be lucky for a spot. If you just wanna enjoy a bit of cool music this is the place to be for ya. 

This Sunday’s featured act is Swiss singer-/songwriter Liv Summer. Her tunes are sweet and awesome and she’ll perform some new material from her upcoming EP.

Beer is gonna be cold, tunes are gonna be hot. Enough reason to go, wouldn’t you agree?

Doors: 7:30pm, free entrykindl stuben music open mic

12/06/2018 – Disgusting Beauty live at Klunkerkranich

Join in on Tuesday, June 12th at Projekt Klunkerkranich when Disgusting Beauty takes you on a wild psycho rock trip. It’s gonna be Hendrix and Punk, psychodelic and in-your-face-&-to-the-point, and all of that with a great view over Neukölln’s skyline. Disgusting Beauty with DJs Michael Aniser & Chloé Lula is an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

Doors at 4pm. Entrance 3 to 5€

18/05/2018 – Karneval der Kulturen 2018

If you’ve never been to the Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin you have missed on one of the best representations of the essence of Berlin culture.

Once a year for a whole weekend all Berlin comes together to celebrate its colourful and unique, multi-cultural, vividly beating soul with a big street festival that spreads from Hermannplatz in Neukölln all the way to Möckernbrücke.

Karneval der Kulturen is an invitation to everyone to experience the cultural, gastronomical and musical variety of the city. It’s easy to spend the whole weekend strolling from stall to stall, watching bands play in the streets or to take in the whirlwind that is the parade on Sunday.

A must see!

28/04/2018: Michael Brinkworth live at Galatea

On Saturday the 28th of April it’s time to dust off your boots and go to the Galatea for the traveling guitar and harmonica wielding troubadour Michael Brinkworth is playing. He’s working on a new album and will probably pop out some of his new songs that night. He’ll be supported by Stefan Bregenzer (drums) and Tim Granbacka (the rest). To round it all up Tim will open the night with some of his own songs. So come on down to Michael Brinkworth & Tim Granbacka live at Galatea.

Free Entry but donations are welcome

“British Shots” 5. Lichtspielklub Kurzfilmfestival

British Shots

Vom 12.01 bis 16.01.2012 findet in Berlin im Sputnik Kino das “British Shorts” Film Festival statt. Zu sehen gibt es die aufregendsten, lustigsten, schrägsten und spannendsten Kurzfilme aus dem Vereinigten Königreich Für Jeden ist etwas dabei von Drama, Comedy, oder Thriller bis Dokumentarfilm, von Animation, Experimental-Horror und Science Fiction bis Musikvideo! Es Wird ein harter Kampf entbrennen um den Kurzfilmpreis. Um sich von dem Filmmarathon zu erholen bietet das Rahmenprogramm Partys, Konzerte und Ausstellungen. Die Eröffnung und die Partys finden im HBC in der Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 8 statt, Direkt am Alexanderplatz. Die Filme werden im Sputnik Kino an der Hasenheide 54 in Kreuzberg gezeigt. Eintritt für die Screenings kostet 6€ ermäßigt 4€ das Festivalticket geht für 28€ über den Tisch.