New Years Eve 2012 in Berlin

On the 31st of December the biggest party in Berlin will take place again at the Brandenburg Gate. Be one in million and welcome in the New Year together!

The biggest party in Germany

Whether at Brandenburg Gate or in one of countless clubs, Berlin offers – as always – Partygoers or those with quieter tastes the right ambience. Since the fall of the wall in 1989, the unarguable main event has traditionally been held at the Brandenburg Gate. Every year around 1 million people from all over Germany and the globe turn out to celebrate the New Year at one of the biggest parties in the world.

Performing this year, among others:
Andreas Bourani, Cassandra Steen, Culture Beat, DJ BoBo, DJ Ötzi, Frida Gold, Glasperlenspiel, Hermes House Band, Hot Chocolate, Jimi Jamison, Johnny Logan, Kim Wilde, Marianne Rosenberg, Musical Rocks, Scorpions, The Boss Hoss, Udo Jürgens

So get your warmest socks out, get your coat on and get up to Berlin.

Run Berlin Run!! 39th Berlin-Marathon

39th BMW Berlin-Marathon

U inn Berlin Hostel Friedrichshian Berlin MarathonDo you wanna be one of the million visitors for the 39th BMW Berlin-Marathon? Then save the next weekend for a trip to Berlin. According to the organizer we expect about 70000 runners, walkers, wheelchair athletes, hand cyclists and inline skaters for the marathon weekend. Alone over 40000 marathon runners are registered for the big event on the Sunday the 30th of September 2012.

Marathon Sightseeing

It is a great opportunity to see a lot from 11 suburbs including the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, the Siegessäule, Potsdamer Platz and many more. Or just enjoy the great Feelin’ and the joy from over 80 bands, which will play all kinds of music along the marathon course.

U inn Berlin Hostel Friedrichshian Berlin Marathon Map


Marathon Afterparty

The GOYA Club will be the place to celebrate the end of a long day for all participant and friends. The “party-marathon” for skaters starts on the 29th at 9 pm and for all runners on the 30th of September at 8 pm. It’s 6 € for non-participants.
All information around the event you can find:

Hipster Olympics Berlin 2012

Hipster olympics berlin 2012Hip Hip Hipster!

I don’t know if Berlin is really the Hipster capital everybody claims it to be but since we have the official Hipster Olympics in town it might be so. On Saturday 21.07.2012 at the Postbahnhof in Berlin Friedrichshain Hipsters from all over the world but most likely from Neukölln, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain will meet to find out who is the “Hippest” Hipster in town. Get yourself a Club-Mate or a Bubble Tea and join the (hip) crowd on Saturday at the Postbahnhof next to the East Side Gallery. You still don’t have any clue what this event will be about?

Here are some of the hipster disciplines:

  • Jute bag jumping
  • Club-Mate crate race
  • skinny jeans fighting
  • Apple product – The price is Right
  • Bubble tea dive
  • vinyl marathon

And many more.  Sound fun to you?!!  Go –>


Open air cinemas in Berlin Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain

Open air cinemas in Berlin summer season 2012

Like every summer, the open air cinemas in Berlin invite you to watch big and small movies underneath a starry sky. With the rising temperatures the open air cinemas in Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg offer a unique range of movies from independent, to Hollywood blockbuster movies. No matter if you favour the classic black & white or the newest special effects, let the cinema screen take you into another world. From the middle of may till September the Berlin open air cinemas are open for you.

 Freiluftkino Friedrichshain

Located at the Volkspark Friedrichshain, it is the biggest open air cinema in Berlin. A place to watch classic Hollywood movies like “The Artist”, “Drive”, “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” as well as the famous Berlin short movie night “Kuirzfilmrolle”.
Season 2012: 16.05 till 16.09
Entry fee 6,50€

Freiluftkino Kreuzberg

This open air cinema is located in Berlin Kreuzberg in a backyard of the art house Bethanien on Mariannenplatz. Kreuzberg is known as the multicultural district of Berlin, same goes for the Kreuzberg open air cinema. Most of the movies are shown in their original version with German subtitles. They will be screening high quality movies like “Charly Chaplin – The great Dictator” or Roman Polanski’s – Carnage”.
Season 2012: 4.05 till 2.09
Entry fee 6,50€

 Freiluftkino Insel Cassiopeia

The open air cinema Insel is located at the Cassiopeia compound right in the centre of Berlin’s district Friedrichshain. Every Monday, Thursday and Sunday they will show movies in their original language with subtitles in German or English. At the opening night they show a movie about Berlin in the 90s “Berlinized Sexy an Eis”. Also, the upcoming program will feature many local movies and independent productions. The Freiluftkino Insel at the Cassiopeia is just a short walk from the hostel. And the bars and clubs in this part of Friedrichshian invite you to enjoy a hot summer night.
Season 2012: 5.05 till …
Entry fee 6,50€

Start your new life in Berlin

Looking for a room in Berlin?

Roughly 3.5 million people currently live in Berlin. Many of them are students who just stay for one or two semester in Berlin. And some just stay for the summer. Since the revolutionary student protests in the 70s it is common to live together in a big shared flats. It is the easiest way to settle down in Berlin and you will find many shared flats (WG) available. Since the wall came down and Berlin has grown up to be a busy metropolis the situation with the rent market has changed and the prices have gone up. Finding a proper room in a WG (German for shared flat) isn’t that easy any more. The location is very important. Among the Berlin Hipsters Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Neukölln are the best districts in Berlin. But finding a room there is a troublesome adventure. Standing in a long line with about 20 other Students can be a normal situation now days. But maybe we can help you. We as Berliners got plenty of experience in finding a WG since we used to live in shared flats for a long time.

 Your room at the In-district

 Which area is the best to live in? This is the first and most important question. In Berlin the answer usually is Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. There you will find a lot of old buildings and old buildings mean large rooms and plenty of space. A must if you’re looking for a shared flat. No one wants to live in the broom closet. Friedrichshain and especially the neighbourhood around Boxhagener Platz is crowded and popular among students. It offers many pubs and cafés and of course the Revaler Straße, also known as “Technostrich” where one club chases the other. This gives you a good diversion from a stressful study. Neukölln has gotten very popular during the last few years but think about the everyday transportation. The FU Berlin is located at Dahlem. For us locals here in Friedrichshain it is in the middle of nowhere. Every day pilgrimage thousands of students to the campus in Dahlem. From Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg area the transportation could easily take you 45 minutes. The HU Berlin and TU Berlin are located straight in the middle of Berlin and are easier to reach. The technology and science headquarters are in Adlershof and it is relatively easy to reach from Friedrichshain using the S Bahn.

 How much is a shared apartment

Find your flat in BerlinThe times when you could get a cheap apartment in Berlin are long gone. But shared apartments in Berlin are still a good option for those making their first steps in the city. Around semester breaks and in the beginning of spring the renting price rises and it gets harder to find a place. There are however companies who make a lot of money with shared apartments with high rents, so when you are in Berlin take your time for your search for suitable apartment.

 Intern ship in Berlin

 It can be really hard to find a room if you are a trainee looking to stay only for few months in Berlin. For those people we got the magic word they need to look for: “Zwischenmiete” (interim tenant). Many locals are leasing their apartments/rooms out for short time period and you will find them online as well.


For Berlin and surroundings the websites and are the most important flat- search websites on the Internet If you are staying for a short period of time look at “Mietwohnzentrale“. Of course we at the U inn Berlin Hostel can help you out ones you are here and give you a hand searching for an apartment or maybe we already know a residential community that is searching for a new member.

 Photos by: Libertinus _timl and offshore @ Flickr

This Ain’t California – a GDR Skateboard documentary

GDR Skateboard Movie

This Ain’t California – a GDR Skateboard documentaryThis ain’t California is a documentary about the Skateboard scene in East Germany. Yes you hear right. Between all these gray socialism there where some kids who not only build their own skateboards they build there very own freedom. And this idea is not so wrong at all. Just think about the fact that the GDR had some of the biggest urban development projects with a lot of concrete. Perfect conditions for skateboards. The premier of this Movie was at the Berlinale 2012 in Berlin. Just a few days ago. For more information go to


Eröffnung des ersten Zalando Outlet Store in Berlin

Zalando Store in Berlin

Zalando Store in BerlinIm Februar 2012 soll es dann endlich so weit sein. Zalando wird in Berlin Kreuzberg sein ersten Offline-Store eröffnen. Das alte Fabrikgebäude, direkt an der Spree gelegen, zwischen Friedrichshain und Kreuzberg wird von nun an das Mekka der Schuhe werden. Bei dem bisherigen Erfolg von Zalandos Online Shop kann man zur Eröffnung nichts anderes erwarten als lange Warteschlangen und Zustände wie zu einem Take That oder Backstreet Boys Konzert.

 Zalando Infos auf Facebook

In diese heiligen Hallen werden aber nur diejenigen eingelassen die eine “Zalando Outlet Card” besitzen. Um eine dieser wahrscheinlich in Stückzahl begrenzten Karten zu bekommen, muss man in regelmäßigen Abständen die Facebook Seite vom Zalando Outlet Store besuchen. Dort bekommt man weitere Informationen. Ob Berlin Damit eine Touristenattraktion mehr bekommt, ist wahrscheinlich Geschmackssache. Nicht jeder würde durch halb Deutschland reisen um “nur Schuhe” anzuprobieren … Oder etwa Doch?

Fashion Week Berlin 2012: Ecological Design Sustainable Fashion

Fashon Week Berlin

Ethical-Fashion-ShowNicht mehr lange und das Modeuniversum dreht ich wieder eine Woche um Berlin. Die Fashion Week samt Zirkus hält wieder Einzug. Versteckt eure H&M Shorts, Pimkie Tops und Esprit Strickpullover. Eine Woche lang wird darüber gestritten ob Blau nun eine Trendfarbe oder Rot doch viel angesagter ist. Die Berliner Fashion Week strotzt nur so vor HighProfile Shows

Wie jedes Jahr bildet die Mercedes-Benz Fashon Week das Highlight. Aber auch die Bread& Butter oder die Premium Messe sind nicht mehr wegzudenken. Aber auch Events von Bright, Show&Order und (capsule) könnten den ein oder anderen Modebanause vom Sofa locken. Auch Dieses Jahr liegt ein Schwerpunkt in Ecological Design. Sustainable Fashion ist ein immer wichtigerer Markt und gerade Berlin versucht hier Zeichen zu setzen. Für Besucher der Ethical Fashion Show und des und des GREENshowroom gibt es sogar ein Spezial von der Deutschen Bahn. Denn der Mode-Interessierte von Heute reist auch nachhaltig.

 Ökologisch korrekt ÜbernachtenU inn Berlin Hostel Fashon Week Berlin

Wenn ihr gefallen am Sustainable Traveling und Nachhaltiger Fashion gefunden habt warum dann nicht auch noch gleich Ökologisch korrekt Übernachten. Im U inn Berlin Hostel legen wir viel wert auf Nachhaltigkeit. Vielleicht sehen wir uns ja zur FashionWeek in Berlin.

“British Shots” 5. Lichtspielklub Kurzfilmfestival

British Shots

Vom 12.01 bis 16.01.2012 findet in Berlin im Sputnik Kino das “British Shorts” Film Festival statt. Zu sehen gibt es die aufregendsten, lustigsten, schrägsten und spannendsten Kurzfilme aus dem Vereinigten Königreich Für Jeden ist etwas dabei von Drama, Comedy, oder Thriller bis Dokumentarfilm, von Animation, Experimental-Horror und Science Fiction bis Musikvideo! Es Wird ein harter Kampf entbrennen um den Kurzfilmpreis. Um sich von dem Filmmarathon zu erholen bietet das Rahmenprogramm Partys, Konzerte und Ausstellungen. Die Eröffnung und die Partys finden im HBC in der Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 8 statt, Direkt am Alexanderplatz. Die Filme werden im Sputnik Kino an der Hasenheide 54 in Kreuzberg gezeigt. Eintritt für die Screenings kostet 6€ ermäßigt 4€ das Festivalticket geht für 28€ über den Tisch.

Silvester in Berlin Friedrichshain

 Silvester in Berlin Friedrichshain

Silvester in Berlin FriedrichshainBald ist es wieder so weit. Alle warten schon wie verrückt auf das Ereignis des Jahres. Touristen Berliner und wir im U inn Berlin Hostel Silvester steht vor der Tür. Ende Dezember wird es wie immer voll in Berlin. Silvester wird gefeiert und das nicht nur auf der großen Silvester Party am Brandenburger Tor. Sondern auch in den vielen Bezirken von Berlin. Wir laden Euch ein zu Silvester in Berlin Friedrichshain. Das im Bezirk Berlin Friedrichshain gerne gefeiert wird ist über die Grenzen Deutschlands bekannt. Ob Berghain, Watergate oder die Ravaler Str. Hier wird das Neue Jahr wohl am extremsten in Berlin gefeiert.

Ubernachten in Berlin

Legendär sind auch die Partys auf der Warschauer Brücke, der Moderson Brücke und der Oberbaumbrücke die Berlin Friedrichshain und Kreuzberg die beiden Trendbezirke verbindet. Wer natürlich lieber unterm Brandenburger Tor feiert mit seinen vielen Bühnen und der Tanzfläche von ca 80.000qm und sich das große Feuerwerk anschauen will erreicht den Alexanderplatz in nur 10 Minuten mit der U-Bahn U5. Wer lieber im Friedrichshain feiert hat nur ein paar Minuten bis zu Simon-Dach Straße oder der Revaler Str. mit ihren vielen Clubs zu laufen. Für ein Angebot zur Übernachtung in Berlin während der Silvester Feierlichkeiten in Berlin schreibt einfach eine Buchungsanfrage an uns.