Skatehalle at the Cassiopeia/RAW in Berlin Friedrichshian

Not far from the U inn Berlin Hostel in Friedrichshain you will find the Skatehalle at the RAW/Cassiopeia Complex. The Skatehalle isn’t just a famous spot for Berliners, lots of skaters from all over Europe come to visit with their boards. We have a lot of spots for outdoor activities but when the weather is bad its always good to have an alternative.
The Skatehalle is hosting many events and workshops. The next major event is held in July.
The BRIGHT – Tradeshow is held in Berlin(Yes it’s Fashion Week again) from the 3rd till the 5th of July. Every year there are cool new trends in fashion and boarding styles to browse through with an easy finish to the day chilling at the Skatehalle. They have put up a huge program for you.

Starting at 6 pm with the Supra Demo. The whole Supra Team is coming to the Skatehalle to show off their skills. The list of names is long and distinguished. Erik Ellington, Chad Muska, Lizard King, Tom Penny, Stevie Williams, Jim Grecco, Neen Williams, Terry Kennedy, Furby, Keelan Dadd, Spencer Hamilton, Boo Johnson, Lucien Clarke, Nick Tucker, Pat Rumney, Kevin Romar and Javier Sarmiento . Any questions?!

Later on from 9 pm be part of the Relentless “Cash 4 Tricks” Event. at “Betonhausen”.
A classic Battle. Only the best will earn the big buck.

If you still haven’t had  enough you can stay the whole night for an “Experience Extraordinaire” Party over 3 Floors.


This Ain’t California – a GDR Skateboard documentary

GDR Skateboard Movie

This Ain’t California – a GDR Skateboard documentaryThis ain’t California is a documentary about the Skateboard scene in East Germany. Yes you hear right. Between all these gray socialism there where some kids who not only build their own skateboards they build there very own freedom. And this idea is not so wrong at all. Just think about the fact that the GDR had some of the biggest urban development projects with a lot of concrete. Perfect conditions for skateboards. The premier of this Movie was at the Berlinale 2012 in Berlin. Just a few days ago. For more information go to