10/06/18 – Dunkle Dummies at Club der Visionäre

It’s music night (again) at Club der Visionäre at the Dunkle Dummies meets Vayvay. Head over on Monday night for a bit of a boogie. You’re promised a splendid time with tunes served to you by Andrea Ferlin, SašaChris Cutter and Serdal. It’s going to be an amazing night.

Doors at around 3pm.

30/05/2018 – Vatos Locos at Club der Visionäre

On the 30th of May it’s dancing time at the Club der Visionäre for the Vatos Locos. Several djs will heat up the dance floor with engaging and magnificent tunes. Among them are Chad AndrewDavid GtronicJamie Lie A KwieRandall MSece. It’s gonna be a splendid night, so put on your dancing shoes and come to Vatos Locos!

25/05/2018 – Sleep is Commercial at Club der Visionaere

On Friday, May 25th, the Club der Visionäre will host another sleepless night with some of the finest electro in town. Dubfound, PîrvuFrancesco Assenza and Andrea Ferlin will put on some tunes for you. Come on over because Sleep is Commercial!

22/05/2018 – JAZZ JAM @ Bierhaus Urban

It’s Jazz Jamsession at Bierhaus Urban on Tuesday, May 22nd. If you’ve got the groove or if you wanna chill to some tunes and count the time signatures, come down to the Bierhaus, it’s the oldest Eckkneipe in Kreuzberg.

Let’s hang with the cool cats, but don’t forget to bring your hat.

Doors open at 8:30 pm

18/05/2018 – Karneval der Kulturen 2018

If you’ve never been to the Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin you have missed on one of the best representations of the essence of Berlin culture.

Once a year for a whole weekend all Berlin comes together to celebrate its colourful and unique, multi-cultural, vividly beating soul with a big street festival that spreads from Hermannplatz in Neukölln all the way to Möckernbrücke.

Karneval der Kulturen is an invitation to everyone to experience the cultural, gastronomical and musical variety of the city. It’s easy to spend the whole weekend strolling from stall to stall, watching bands play in the streets or to take in the whirlwind that is the parade on Sunday.

A must see!

17/05/2018 – After Work Session curated by Musikexpress

The Musikexpress, Germany’s influential and longest running music magazines, celebrates its 750th issue and you are all invited. There will be beer, pizza and two straight hours of amazing tunes. It’s the best way to start the evening after a day’s work.

So come on over to The Venue Berlin, Mehringdamm 33, on Thursday, May 17th, at 6:30 pm for the After Work Session curated by Musikexpress.

11/05/2018 – Ritter Butzke – Zuhause

You’ll feel right at home on Friday the 11.05.2018 at Ritter Butzke in Kreuzberg, when the famous Berlin club will host some of the finest electronica & techno sets.

At Ritter Butzke – Zuhause w/ Marek Hemmann, Rey&Kjavik, Nølah you’ll experience what the city is famous for: great DJ’s, amazing music and a vibe no other place can give you.

Doors open at around 23:59 and you can get tickets at Resident Advisor. Or you try your luck at the door.

Have fun!

01/05/2018 – Liquid Sky Berlin at Maze

If you’re into dark and trippy The Liquid sky Berlin #Isb02 at Maze is the right event for you. There’ll be electronic music, exhibitions and audiovisual performances. All a bit trippy, all a bit dark, but everything truly inspiring and fully loaded with the DNA of the city.

01/05/2018 – Free Open Air Bolzplatz

Around the celebrations for the 1st of May there’ll be a Free Open Air at the Bolzplatz in Falkensteinstraße in Kreuzberg. Come and listen to Techno & House, dance, have fun and support the local Cafés and Spätis. Entrance is free and everybody is welcome. Just take care of your trash, avoid bringing glass bottles and pets and be friendly and respectful with the people around you.

01/05/2018 – Myfest 2018

The 1st of May is International Workers Day and in Berlin it’s celebrated with the Myfest 2018 in Kreuzberg. It’s a tradition. It’s a festival. It’s a great vibe. It’s as Berlin as it can get. Don’t miss out on this.

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