Go Veggie in Berlin Friedrichshain

Veganz in Berlin Friedrichshian

Green is in again, so why not on the plate too? It shouldn’t be just a matter of the environment, but also good for us and above all our friends the animals. Berlin offers a great selection for vegetarians and vegans to go crazy with. Now Friedrichhain’s first vegan supermarket opens their doors on the 30th of March 2013 at Warschauer Strasse 33. www.veganz.de


And here are more vegan/vegetarian places in Friedrichshain worth a visit:
• Yoyo Foodworld 27 Gärtnerstr. (Burger, Pizza, Salads and Co.)
• Vöner 56 Boxhagener Str. (Vegan Döner)
• Ohlálá Tartes Shop 18 Mainzer Str. (French Vegan Food)
• Bistro Bardot 83 Boxhagener Str. (100% Organ Vegan/Vegetarian Dishes)
• Hot Dog Soup 67 Grünberger Str. (vegetarian/vegan Soups and -Hot Dogs)
• Emma Pea Vegetarian Food & Bar 99 Revaler Str. (Soups, different Meals every day, Wraps, Tapas, Cakes – Vegetarian/Vegan-)
• Eisdiele Caramello/Organic Delicious 31 WühlischStr. (vegan/non-vegan organic Icecream)
• Eisbärliner 11 GärtnerStr. (tasty homemade vegan Soy- and Fruit-ice cream, bursting with fruit)

Source: http://www.berlin-vegan.de/berlin/restaurantkritiken/

For everyone who would like to find out more about Veganism http://www.berlin-vegan.de. You’ll find information about everything from `Vegan Taster Weeks´, renting vegan/vegetarian WG’s/Rooms to TIPS for being vegan and pregnant.
U inn says it’s worth having a look at !

*Vegetarian – don’t eat meat, mostly no fish as well
*Vegans – don’t eat any products from animals (NO milk, meat, fish, honey, …)