Skiing and Mabloni live @ Space Meduza – Saturday, 17th of August 2019

Skiing & Mabloni

On Saturday, the 17th of August the amazing performers Skiing from the US and Mabloni from Germany will show their singing and songwriter skills at Space Medusa in X-Berg.

As a performer in the troubadour tradition Skiing puts poetry to music. It’s sometimes funny, sometimes melancholy, but always a base to reflect on the world and yourself.

Mabloni plays soulful folk telling stories from the culture clash between small town boredom and big city frenzy, to the friend zone blues of sad elephants, to the spirits of the folk sound of the long gone good ol’ days.

Check out Skiing and Mabloni live at Space Medusa at Skalitzer Straße 80. Doors open at 8pm. Or check our other recommendations on our blog and our facebook page for new inspirations.

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