Our neighbourhood Friedrichshain

alias_3Friedrichshain counts as Berlins hotspot for going out. Its packed with Cafés, galleries, clubs and bars. In the day time the students lay lazily in the sun and when dark comes they go raving. Every night Simon-Dach-Straße becomes the main attraction with thousands of visitors. Come here for a Currywurst at Curry66, Sundanese style Falafel, Indian food, Pakistani food, Vietnamese food or a Döner Kebab at the Warschauer Brücke. There is something for everyone.

i live destroy berlinAround the Boxhagener Platz and its side-streets are plenty of small stores. Berlin Designer shops are all over the place, yet some are hard to find. Some are hidden in backyards and out of view, but its well worth the search and if you ever find Big Brobot Prachtmädchen or Superschlüpfer you are in for a treat.

buntes hausEver since in the 90s Friedrichshain has been a home of the alternative scene and revolutionists. This is still the case here what with the squatted houses, self governing communities, colourful painted houses, loud music, graffiti and lots and lots of empty beer bottles. This belongs just as much to Berlin as the Museum-Island and Potsdamer Platz glasshouse.

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