Berlin Survival Guide part three – More bang for your Buck!

The age old question: “Do you get what you pay for?” In most cases yes, but that is not to say you cannot find quality for a good price! Supermarkets in Berlin, or Germany in general, are tricky because there is no rule where “this one” is the cheapest or “that one” is more quality because it depends on what you are looking for.

Supermarket or Turkish Market

For example you can get the essentials like pasta and rice for less than a Euro, including milk and bread which are pretty much the same price across the board even if you prefer to go the bio/ vegan/ hipster route ;). However, vegetables, meats and fruits it gets a bit more complicated. In general, Lidl and Netto tie for the cheapest in this department but it does vary from week to week and what is on sale. Kaiser’s is generally a bit more expensive, but the quality is also quite a bit better. Berlin overall is quite famous for its incredibly cheap food prices so if you are on a budget it is quite easy to still eat well. So in short, Lidl and Netto are going to be the best bet for your fruit and veggie supply if the Flohmarkt/ Flea-market, Farmers-market or the Turkish Market in Kreuzberg are not available. If you are whipping up a simple pasta dish, any will suffice, and if you are more quality conscience then mosey on over to the nearest Kaiser’s (some are even open 24/6) or check out one of many Turkish Markets in our neighbourhood .

Don’t forget your empty bottles

Additionally if any of you heavy beer drinkers out there wonder why there are so many people asking for your empty beer bottles you might find this Blog post about collecting bottles  interesting. Did you know?! All Supermarkets accepting empty bottles as payment Woohoo!!

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