Berlin Survival Guide part one – Make money out of empty bottles

For all of you planing your backpacking trip through Europe on a very small budget, we put together a few tips on how you can save a buck or more. Although Berlin is a quite cheap city you might enjoy a little inside story. So here we go with part one of our “Berlin Survival Guide”.

Bottles = Money

U inn Berlin Hostel Survival Guide PfandgebenIf you have been to Berlin, you have seen them. The people going from trash can to trash can looking for something… But what is it? Surprisingly it is not food, it is much better than food, it is MONEY!! Well, not exactly. They are actually bottles, but here in Berlin bottles = money! One typical beer bottle is 0,08 Euro. This may not sound like much, but you know that six pack of plastic beer bottles you threw away in the park trash can and everyone looked at you like you were insane? That was because you just put 1,50 Euro in the trash. “WHAT?? 1,50?? I thought it was only 0,08 Euro???” Nope, plastic ones are 0,25 Euro “Pfand”. Which is what we call a deposit. So next time you are enjoying your delicious beer in the street (yes it is legal to drink in public in Berlin) don’t forget to collect your PFAND!!!

For those of you who are not so good at math, here is a simple break down for you:

  • 60 plastic bottles = 1 night in a dorm at U Inn Berlin Hostel
  • 188 glass bottles = 1 night in a dorm at U Inn Berlin Hostel
  • 26 plastic bottles = 1 Day Pass for the local transport
  • 8 plastic bottles = 1 Berliner Curry Wurst

Collecting bottles = good Karma

But seriously, in Berlin everybody is collecting bottles. It saves the environment. And saving the environment gives you a good Karma. You like to achieve some extra Karma Points? Checkout if you have some spare bottles you can give them to people in need. Just call a number and your bottles get picked up by someone in a few minutes. Extra Karma Point guaranteed.

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