Festival of Lights in Berlin

Berlin Illuminated

The “Berlin Festival of Lights” is one of the biggest and best known illumination art festival in the world. The worldwide known cultural monuments as well as buildings, streets and places of Berlin are set into scene for now over 10 years. National and internationally known artists and light designers presenting unusual illuminations, light art objects and designs. Artist of the still young art and culture form „Light“ find their arena at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. Around the Festival of Light many Events take place in Berlin. For example „Night of the open doors“(culture), „Jazz in the secretary gardens“(music) and many more.

Festival of Lights Facts:

• More than 70 Berlin monuments and buildings with impressive illuminations
• Lightseeing tours (bus, lightship, lightballoon, lightcarriage, lightlimo, lightvelo, lightwalking)
• Grand-Opening “LightsOn” 10.10.2012 at 07:30pm Potsdamer Platz
• Night of the open doors 13.10.2012 between 7pm and 12pm
• Jazz in the ministerial gardens 19.10.2012 7pm

Link zur Seite: http://festival-of-lights.de/en/


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