Top 5 – What is the best Fast Food in Berlin

Top 5 Fast Food of Berlin

Berlin never stands still. The city has always been in a constant state of change, both on cultural and physical level. The foundation of Berlin is very multicultural with over 160 nationalities in the district Neukölln alone. This shows on the various Fast food menus Berliner diners have to offer. Did you know that the famous Currywurst has already lost the 1st place to the tasty Döner Kebab. Find out what else there is to chew on in our Top 5 fast-food article.

Döner Kebab

Best Doener Kebab in BerlinBerliners love Döner. No matter if it’s the vegetable Döner from “Mustafa” in Kreuzberg or the delicious Pide at the Warschauer bridge im Friedrichshain, they love their Döner. An imbiss named Saray is expeciually beloved amoung the night wolves in Friedrichshain. The place is at the beginning of Revaler Straße, corner of Warschauer strasse, AKA The PartyMile. At 6 in the morning when guests from Cassiopeia, Rosis, M.I.K.Z, RAW and Suicide Circus come out for food, they often find themselves in a long Döner and Sterni queue. You will find Döner Kebab all over Europe but the best Döner is still found in the city that created it, Berlin.

CurrywurstBest Currywurst in Berlin Friedrichshain

If you don´t want vitamin and other (un)necessary nutrition for the body and fat & sugar are your best friends, then the Currywurst is just the thing for you. Here in Berlin it is considered a full meal, not just small snack. The long queues at the famous Currywurst stores at Eberswalderstraße named Konopke and the one in Kreuzberg named Curry 36 gives the impressions that that’s all Berliners ever eat. If you are up for the hottest (chilli) Currywurst in town, make sure you check out a place called Curry 66 in the Grünberger Straße in Friedrichshain a short walk from the U inn Berlin Hostel away. Apparently it scores 7,1 million on the Scoville heat unit scale. (They serve it wearing rubber gloves). If you want to know all about the Currywurst can visit the Berliner Currywurst Museum in Mitte. If that´s not enough and you still want more make sure you check out the website and buy a “Curry-to-go” kit so that you can make your own “Currywurst”at home.

Grilled Chicken

This fast food tradition of a rolling ´n grilling chicken on a spear started in the 60s. Most diners in town offer the grilled chicken, best served with French fries and Mayo. Yet the number one place to eat it at is the Hühnerhaus, located at the entrance of Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg. To Grap a chicken and head to Görli for a delicious, crispy chicken has become hip and cool. The demand is so great that they opened up a second Hühnerhaus just 50 meters away.

Burger joints

For many years the only burger place that competed against the international burger chains was the Frittersalon in Friedrichshain. Now days there seem to be a burger joint on every corner. And they are getting better and better at grilling them. Görli Burger, Burgeramt, Kreuzburger, Burger-Meister to name a few are all fantastic burger joints. Check out Berlins special Burger with Kraut,Tofu,Tzaziki, Halumi or even Köfte.


The Bratwurst is the typical fast food the people on the move enjoy. It’s kind of an old fashion but still very popular for the ever busy Berliner. You will find the Grillwalkers at Alexanderplatz and anywhere big crowds gather selling Bratwurst for 1,20€. It’s not the best sausage in Germany, but who can resist having one from a Grillwalker. I know I can´t.

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