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The World best Hostels

Thanks to WoldBestHostels we have also been featured logo-big-worldbesthostelson a list of the World´s Best 500 Hostels. Among 16 other hostels in Berlin, we are proud to be one of them, considering we have over 150 hostels in the city.


Language Schools around the corner

We have a cooperation with Lanuage schools in our area, where you can study german and other languages.

Sprachenatelier Berlin - Sprachkurse und Kultur The Sprachenatelier offers intensive and evening classes in german and many other languages. Based in Frankfurter Allee it is literally located just around the corner of the hostel.

Speakeasy - Logo

The Speakeasy language school is just as cosy and personal like our hostel is. You study german in small groups and they are very flexible with their time schedule. There is basically a class happening during almost all hours.