Summer in the city – best beach bars, chill out places and parks in Berlin

You planning to visit Berlin now or in the coming weeks? Surely you will visit the main touristic spots, like Brandenburg Gate, Fernsehturm, Eastside Galaery and so on. But Berliners like to chill out after a full day at the riverside, or in nice open air location with cold beer and good music. Here are some of the best places you shouldn’t miss.

Sommer in Berlin

Bearchbars, Cafes or Sitting Outside:

At the parking level of the shopping mall Neukölln Arcaden you can find not only a chill-out-café-bar called Klunkerkranich but also one of the best views over Berlin. You should definitely go there in case you are – by chance – one of these people in Berlin that are NOT blessed with their own gigantic roof terrace. You are not alone if you are one of them. Not alone at all.


The Prinzessinnengarten is a mobile garden next Moritzplatz in Kreuzberg. In the shade of the trees you can have a relaxing beer, or try a snack of the homemade organic food.

Club der Visionäre

Club der Visionäre aka CdV is a bar swimming on the water of a sidearm of the river together with the bar Freischwimmer it’s the favourite place for people from Kreuzberg and Friedrichhain to chill out on a long long Sunday afternoon. At the CdV there are always really good Dj’s playing. There are no big gigs, it’s more like they go and play in their own living room. So often you get the chance to meet some high ranking Djs.


Yaam is one of the oldest Beach Bars in Berlin. It’s like a little island of Jamaica right in the middle of Berlin. Here you always find a little peaceful beach and chilled reggae music. At night they do some good parties too. Right now the Yaam is under threat because of a luxury condo they want to build on this location. That’s why a move is already scheduled for 2013. The new location will be the area of the former Maria/Magdalena/Josef Club and Schilling Bridge.


The Badeschiff is a very unique place. Since the river Spree isn’t particularly made for swimming. They transformed to old ships into a swimming pool on the river. Pretty awesome right?! A lot of people hanging out at the Badeschiff the whole day. Swimming, chilling, sun bathing and later on dancing since they also do a lot of open air parties in the summer months.


Lichtpark is one of the newer Open Air Party locations. For the weekend they provide for a small entry fee nice electronic music and a chilled location on the river. This place is often crowded by people who either just come or go to Kater Blau Club or did not get in for the Sunday after hour party but still want to make party.


You’ve probably been to open-air festivals at  ://about blank or  Sisyphos already. But it does not always have to be all electronic beats for crazy dance moves. At Monbijoutheater for example, you can learn to dance mambo, tango or swing. Feels like Dirty Dancing!


During the summer the bridge and its grassy shores are alive with droves of Berliners, relaxing and chilling with some cheap späti beers. All whilst taking in the vibes from the buskers, acoustic groups, And any other manner of movers and shakers that swings by. Free entertainment at its best! Setting the groove all the way into the night.

Tempelhofer FeldWe also recommend the big and green parks in Berlin like:

Tempelhofer Feld
Insel der Jugend Treptower Park
Volkspark Friedrichshain



Images © Sabine Alex

Berlin Festival 2011 at Tempelhof Airport and Club X-Berg

Berlin Festival with Public Enemy, Boy Gorge and Boys Noize

On the 9th-10th of August, the Berlin Festival will once again take place at the old Tempelhof Airport. The Tempelhof Airport is an awesome location, with the main terminal providing shelter in case of a rainy day. However, we should stay positive! With such a stellar lineup, the Berlin Festival once agin gets a top position in the field of Indie Electro festivals in Europe. They still manage to keep a good mix between Hipster Indie and Freaky Berlin Stylish Electro. Hey, Whoever thought that you would see Public Enemy and Boy George on the same Festival … Interesting!!

Tempelhof Airport is situated right in the middle of Berlin, so there were some problems last year with their neighbours. This year, the festival is split into two parts. Part one is the Berlin Festival during the day at the airport. Part two is the Club X-Berg Festival at the Berlin Arena in Kreuzberg. The Berlin Arena is well known for housing big events, so we can expect a huge non-stop party!

The line-up For the Berlin Festival 2011

Andy Butler, Aloe Blacc, Apparat Band, A-Trak, Battles, U inn Berlin Hostel Berlin Festival 2011Beginner, Beirut, Bodi Bill, Boy George, Boys Noize, Brodinski, Buraka Som Sistema, Casper, CSS, Daniel Wang, dEUS, Diplo, Discodromo, DJ Hell, Dry the River, Florrie, Health, Hercules And Love Affair, James Blake, Jimmy Edgar, Kruder & Dorfmeister, LFO, Marc Vedo, Mogwai, Mount Kimbie, Oh Land, Pantha Du Prince, Primal Scream Present Screamadelica, Public Enemy, Rainbow Arabia, Santigold, Skrillex, Suede, Tuneyards, The Black Angels, The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77, The Drums, The Naked And Famous, The Rapture, Wire, Yelle


2 Day Festival Pass: 81€ ,1 Day Festival Pass: 48€, Club X-Berg: 26€

Accommodation in Berlin

Since there are no camping sites available at the Berlin Festival, you will need to find other accommodation during your stay. From U Inn Berlin Hostel, the festival is easily accessible. You can get to Tempelhof Airport via the Ring Bahn train from Frankfurter Allee.To Club X-Burger, you can catch the S Bahn for 2 stations.

More information:

Fete de la musique June 21 2011

Fête de la Musique Berlin Friedrichshain

U inn Berlin Hostel Fete de la musique

“Participate in the vibrant sounds and beats of Fête de la Musique – the European and Worldwide Music Day! The Fête de la Musique began in Paris in 1982, and was founded by the popular French cultural minister Jack Lang. The festival originated in a humble burst of musical idealism and a few power connections, and yet, in only two decades has become a wildly popular global event.


This season, the summertime musical event will draw music lovers in over 340 cities worldwide, 60 European cities, 22 of them in Germany alone. On June 21st one can hear all styles of music that is free to the public thanks to all of the musicians, bands, orchestras, choirs, soloists and DJs that perform for free on this day. In Berlin, Fête de la Musique has been produced by the Fête Company since 1995. The festival started as a small movement and has grown to be one of the largest and most widely attended music festivals our city offers!”

Stages near the Hostel in Friedrichshain:

Feuermelder (Alternative Indie Punk)

Krossener Str. 24

Lovelite (Dancehall Dub Reggae)

Simplonstr. 38

Rosis (Elektro DnB)

Revaler Str  29

Cassiopeia (Alternative Punk Dub Reggae)

Revaler Str. 99

Neurocomic (Techno Minimal)

An der Schillingbrücke

For more information check

Carnival of Cultures Street Festival 2011

“Karneval der Kulturen” The Street Festival 10th June – 13th June

U inn Berlin Hostel Karneval der KulturenCome right in! Listen and dance to the sound of Berlin: four different stages – Bazaár Berlin, Eurasia, Farafina & Latinauta – want to introduce Berlin’s music szene as well as international bands to you. Stiltwalkers, acrobats and magicians settle on the grassland and invite all visitors to test their own abilities in those fields and practice their skills in creativity. 330 market stalls attract with culinary seducements, arts and crafts and much more.

 The Highlight the Procession 12th June

On the Sunday of Pentecost, 12th June 2011, about 4.800 participants organised in 93 groups will change Kreuzberg into a sea of colours and ideas.  We expect about 700.000 visitors to celebrate Berlin’s diversity along the route. The street procession focusses on the cultural richness of Berlin, and also highlights the often hidden treasures of its international cultural scene. It questions everyday life and politics. Carnival is a combined art form that embraces many aspects of artistic expression. Due to the global migration currents it is multifacetted and of mixed styles. The Carnival of Cultures is open to everybody and all forms of cultural expression. It is regarded as a platform for a proud expression of hybrid cultural identities, containing traditional and contemporary elements. It includes and attracts all age groups, professional artists and amateurs, people from all walks of life.

Open Air Cinema Season 2011 at Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia

“Freiluftkino Insel” @ Cassiopeia

U inn Berlin Hostel cassiopeia biergartenAs soon as the days get longer Berlin’s Open Air Cinemas open up for summer season 2011. A very prominent and unique cinema is “Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia”. Located in an old train depot, Cassiopeia is one of Friedrichshains most famous clubs. Just a few meters from Warschauer Strasse at Revaler Strasse – also known as “Technostrich” (don’t ask 🙂 ) – it is the perfect spot to start your Open Air Cinema night. After watching a movie you can jump right in to the night-life of Berlin Friedrichshian. Next to the cinema you will find clubs like Cassiopeia, RAW, Suicide Circus, Astra Kulturhaus, M.I.K.Z. or Rosi’s. Also there are many good restaurants and cocktail bars around the corner at Simon-Dach-Strasse.

YouTube Preview Image

Here you will find the program for May 2011. Most movies are “Orginal mit Untertitel”, which means the movies will be screened in their original languages (mostly English) but with subtitles. Entry is 6,50€ Cassiopeia Open-air cinema is just a few minutes from U inn Berlin Hostel. Just ask our staff for directions!

 Programm: Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia

  •  05. Mai 21:00 BLOW UP (OmU)
  • 08. Mai 21:00 IN IHREN AUGEN – El Secreto de Sus Ojojs (OmU)
  • 09. Mai 21:00 AUßER ATEM – A bout de souffle (OmU)
  • 10. Mai 21:15 IN IHREN AUGEN – El Secreto de Sus Ojojs (OmU)
  • 11. Mai 21:30 RADIO ROCK REVOLUTION – präsentiert von STAR FM
  • 12. Mai 21:15 RANGO
  • 15. Mai 21:15 BLACK SWAN (OmU)
  • 16. Mai 21:30 RANGO
  • 17. Mai 21:30 TAMARA DREWE – Immer Drama um Tamara (Omu)
  • 19. Mai 21:30 WINTERS BONE (OmU)
  • 21. Mai 22:00 CLASH 2011 presented by Relentless (Videopremiere): ANTIZ OAF
  • 22. Mai 22:00 WINTERS BONE (OmU)
  • 23. Mai 21:30 I killed my mother (OmU)
  • 24. Mai 21:30 ANOTHER YEAR (OmU)
  • 25. Mai 22:00 Litauische Filmnacht: SHORT FILMS SPECIAL
  • 26. Mai 21:30 THE TREE (OmU)
  • 29. Mai 21:45 MACHETE (OmU)
  • 30. Mai 21:45 THE TREE (OmU)
  • 31. Mai 21:45 MACHETE (OmU)

For more information check out or

How to order a Döner Kebap in Berlin

U inn Berlin Hostel Blog How to order a Doener in Berlin Berlin Döner History

What is Döner anyway? The Berliner Döner is a Turkish fast food, invented in Berlin by a Turkish immigrant in 1971. Its white Turkish bred with salad, meat and sauce. First thing you need to know is that there are few different kinds of Döner’s. It can be served with different sauces and different kinds of meat. You can also change the make-up of the salad, so if you don’t like onions for example you can naturally leave them out, as everything else you don’t like. If you don’t like to eat the bred, you can also order the Döner on a plate.

The standard Döner is served as follows:

White bred cross and warm baked with lamb or chicken, different kinds of vegetables like onion, tomato and cucumber, corn and red cabbage. You usually have three different sauces to choose from: Garlic sauce, herbal sauce and hot sauce. It’s common to mix the hot sauce with one of the others but not garlic and herb sauce. The hot sauce is really hot and only for the brave ones – and be warned, it might burn two times. If you want to try it, we recommend asking for only a little bit hot sauce – “nur ein kleines bisschen scharfe Soße”

Order a Döner

So let’s imagine: You’re starving and have dreamed about trying a Döner your whole life. You want to order a Döner, but you speak English and the Turkish guy at the fast food restaurant speaks German and Turkish. What to do? Desperation! No Turkish-English interpreter around? F*** you’ll have to starve.

Or let us help you and use the following crib:

U-inn-Berlin-Hostel-Chicken-DönerJust click on the link to hear the translation –> [1][2][3]

  • One/ two/ three Döner – Ein/ zwei/ drei Döner  [1] [2] [3]
  • Without / with – ohne / mit [1] [2]
  • Onion – Zwiebeln [1]
  • Tomatos and cucumber – Tomaten und Gurken [1]
  • Red cabbage – Rotkohl [1]
  • Hot sauce – Scharfer Soße [1]
  • Garlic sauce – Knoblauchsoße [1]
  • Herb Sauce – Kräutersoße [1]
  • Chicken – Huhn [1]
  • Lamb – Lamm [1]
  • A Döner on a plate (without bred) – Ein Dönerteller [1]

For example:

I would like to have a Döner with chicken, without onions and with hot and garlic sauce.

Ich hätte gern einen Döner mit Huhn, ohne Zwiebeln, mit scharfer Soße und Knoblauchsoße. [1]

The Dönerman is asking: “Mit scharfer Soße?” Wich means „With hot sauce?“ and you might say:

“No thanks, no hot sauce.” – “Nein Danke, keine scharfe Soße.” [1]

“Yes, but only a little bit.” – “Ja, aber nur ein bisschen (scharfe Soße).” [1]

As you finally trust us, try out this with your favourite Dönerman:

Ick hätt jern nen Döner mit scharfa Soße und’n  Sterni [1]

And now some basics:

  • Please – Bitte [1]
  • Thanx – Danke [1]
  • Good bye – Tschüss [1]
  • It was delicious – Es war lecker [1]
  • I love Döner – Ich liebe Döner [1]

We hope you will find this guide quite helpfull and enjoy the Google Translation links as much as we did.

Liese & Chris

Berlinale goes Kiez und U inn Berlin Hostel goes Berlinale

Berlinale in Berlin Friedrichshain

U inn Berlin Hostel Friedrichshain BerlinaleWie jedes Jahr im Winter wird Berlin wieder Kulturschauplatz von ungebrochener Anziehungskraft. Die Berlinale ist das größte Kulturereignis der Stadt und eines der wichtigsten Events der internationalen Filmindustrie. Fachbesucher und Journalisten aus 128 Ländern sind jedes Jahr zu Gast in Berlin. Fast 300.000 verkaufte Karten zeigen aber auch das der Berliner dieses Ereignis zu schätzen weiß. Berlin ist wohl bekannt für Kunst, Glamour und Party, Aber zur Berlinale bekommt Berlin nochmal ein wenig extra Glitzerstaub ins Gesicht gepustet.
Dieses Jahr stehen über 400 Filme in den Kategorien Independent und Arthouse, Generation, Perspektive Deutsches Kino und Berlinale Shots zur Wahl. Da wird es nicht einfach werden den Überblick zu halten. Auf der Seite der Berlinale kann man sich aber schon mal seine Favoriten zusammen suchen.

Berlinale Talent Campus

Jedes Jahr eine Besonderheit ist der Berlinale Talent Campus, der während des Filmfestivals stattfindet und durch viele Partner aus der Filmindustrie getragen wird. Rund 350 frische Filmtalente werden nach Berlin eingeladen um zusammen mit Persönlichkeiten aus dem Filmbusiness an Workshops und Diskussionen teil zu nehmen. Das Zentrum der 61.Berlinale wird wieder der Potsdamer Platz sein. Dieses Jahr kann man aber auch in den kleinen Underground Kinos von Berlin das große Kino erleben. “Berlinale goes Kiez” heißt das Experiment bei dem Berlinale Filme in kleinen Kiez Kinos in Kreuzberg, Weißensee, Neukölln und Charlottenburg gezeigt werden. Wir freuen uns auch dieses Jahr im U inn Berlin Hostel Berlinale Gäste zu begrüßen. Der Weg zu den Berlinale Kinos ist es nicht weit. Und zu zu dem Berlinale Partys noch viel kürzer.  Die Berlinale findet 2011 vom 10.02 bis 20.02 statt.

Big Apple meets Dickes B: From New York to Berlin …. Just for the weekend!

Airport BER Berlin Brandenburg International

U inn Berlin Hostel Airport TXL SXF BERBerlins very new Airport BER: Berlin Brandenburg International is not finished yet. But some Airlines already offer new intercontinental flight connections. Berlin’s biggest player Air Berlin is offering now its new connections to New York, Verona and Oliba. And Royal Jordanian flys you down to the Middle East or even to South-East Asia.


If you come from Barcelona and you are sick of local clubs and you wanna visit the Panorama/Berghain, then not only EasyJet and RyanAir could be your sole choice.. no – as from now you can also fly in with SpanAir. Ok unfortunately this will not help you to bypass the door at the Berghain Club. But it will connect two of Europe’s major party citys.

Since Air Berlin is a low cost carrier, you get quite cheap deals for you Berlin flights. Why not fly in from Big Apple on a Friday for a weekend?!

  • Check-in at the hostel try-out our free dinner at the hostel kitchen
  • Prepare yourself for a pub crawl on “Simon-Dach-Strasse” (Left side up and Right side down)
  • On Saturday wake up early take a Aspirin( remember: pub crawl last night)
  • Have a breakfast and start the day at the “East Side Gallery”
  • Visit “Alexanderplatz” and walk up “Unter den Linden”
  • Make a snapshot at the “Brandenburger Tor”
  • Get a visa stamp in your passport witch says that you have checked in at “communist wonderland” (not very sure if the TSA likes that 🙂
  • Jump on the M100 Bus and make a free BusTour
  • Heading back to the hostel for a short nap and ask our friendly receptionist “What’s up tonight”
  • Wake up in the morning and ask yourself *oh my god what have i done*

48h Later

Yes you are in Berlin, 3,978 miles from home, don’t know what you done in the last 48h. But luckily you found a flight ticket under your pillow. It says that you have 2 hours to get back to the airport and finally back to your so loved Big Apple.

Top5: Freiluftkinos in Berlin Saison 2010

Freiluftkino Saison

Auch wenn die offizielle Freiluftkino Saison schon vor 2 Wochen begonnen hat, geht es jetzt erst so richtig los. Wer hatte schon Lust bei 10°C im Regen zu sitzen. Aber an diesem Wochenende hat die Sonne Berlin endlich wach geküsst. In den Parks wird wieder um die Wette gegrillt und die Clubs haben plötzlich ein “Outdoor” Floor. Sommer!

Das Freiluftkino Programm

Nun wird es aber auch Zeit sich einmal das Programm der Freiluftkinos in Berlin anzuschauen. Zu den Klassikern der letzten Jahre, wie dem Freiluftkino Friedrichshain und dem Freiluftkino Kreuzberg, haben sich im letzten Jahr erfolgreich das Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia und das Freiluftkino in der Bar25 gesellt.

Neu dabei ist in diesem Jahr das Haus Schwarzen Berg mit dem Freiluftkino Mitte, das sich dem Independent Film verschrieben hat. Sowie das Freiluftkino im Kulturforum am Potsdamer Platz, wo man Blockbuster unterm Sternenzelt genießen kann.

Um bei diesem Angebot nicht den Überblick zu verlieren, haben wir für Euch eine kleine Liste mit dem Kontakten für die einzelnen Freiluftkinos zusammengestellt. Auf deren Homepage findet ihr auch immer Informationen zum aktuellen Programm. Ihr könnt Euch natürlich auch jeden Abend eure ganz persönliche Empfehlung bei uns an der Rezeption abholen.

 Freiluftkino Friedrichshain

U inn Berlin Hostel freiluftkino friedrichshainGelegen im Volkspark Friedrichshain ca 20 Minuten vom Hostel, finden sich jeden Abend 300 Kino-begeisterte zum gemeinsamen Kinoerlebnis ein.

Adresse: Im Volkspark Friedrichshain, Platz der Vereinten Nationen 1, Telefon: 030 / 293 61 629

Wann: 19. Mai bis 19. September Beginn der Filmvorführung um ca. 21:30 Uhr.

Eintritt: 6,50 Euro (Vorverkauf: 6,90 Euro)


Freiluftkino Kreuzberg

U inn Berlin Hostel freiluftkino kreuzbergDas Freiluftkino in Berlin Kreuzberg hat eine lange Tradition.Und auch in diesem kann man zwischen Highlight der aktuellen Saison sowie aus Klassikern wählen. Viele Filme werden auch in Originalfassung angeboten.

Adresse: Am Mariannenplatz 2 in Kreuzberg Stadtplan Telefon: 030 / 293 61 628

Wann: Die Saison 2010 startet am Freitag, 30. April mit “Neukölln unlimited” Filmbeginn ist um 21:30 Uhr (manchmal auch 21 Uhr).

Eintritt: 6,50 Euro (Vorverkauf: 6,90 Euro) *


Freiluftkino Insel

U inn Berlin Hostel freiluftkino cassiopeiaNicht weit vom Hostel Friedrichshain bietet eines der Wohl schönsten Kino Erlebnisse. In Cassiopeia einer alten Industriebrache Könnt ihr zwischen alten Backsteingebäuden viele Filme mit Berliner Bezug genießen.


Adresse: Freiluftkino Insel im Sommergarten des Cassiopeia Stadtplan Telefon: 030 / 54 71 32 47

Wann: ab 13. Mai Die Filme beginnen um ca. 21:30 Uhr. Spieltage: Mo, Do, So, gelegtenlich Specials

Eintritt: 6,50 € , ermäßigt 5,50 € (außer für Specials) *


Sommerkino Kulturforum Potsdamer Platz

Vor beeindruckenden City Kulisse am Potsdamer Platz wird ein einmaliges Kinoerlebnis geboten. Blockbuster auf Liegestühlen ist hier das Motto.

Adresse: Piazzetta des Kulturforums Potsdamer Platz Stadtplan Wann: ab Mitte Juli

Eintritt: 7 Euro / ermäßigt 6 Euro *


Bar 25 präsentiert von B.Ware TV

U inn Berlin Hostel Bar 25“Ein ausgezeichneter Sommer” Immer Dienstag, Mittwoch und Donnerstag ab 21:30 Uhr

Wo: Im Circus25 unterm Zelt! Di-Do ab 19:00 Uhr gibt es detaillierte Infos über mögliche Absagen.


Boxhagener Platz – Ein Berliner Heimatfilm

Boxhagener Platz

U inn Berlin Hostel Boxhagener Platz

Boxhagener Platz: Ein Berliner Heimatfilm? Für die heutigen Anwohner des Boxhagener Platzes werden sich da wohl so einige Fragen stellen. Ist dieser Film doch im Jahre 1968 angesiedelt, und spiegelt das Leben zwischen der “Studentischen Revolution” in West-Berlin und der Niederschlagung des “Prager Frühlings” im Bruderstaat wieder. Bilder eines “drei Tage wachen” und “drauer druffen” Plüschhasen, der vom Boxi-Kiosk zur Zoohandlung tanzt, mit dem sich der moderne Friedrichshainer wohl ehr identifizieren kann, werden in diesem Film nicht bedient. Nicht einmal der Eckkneipe Feuermelder wird eine Gastrolle zugedacht. Der Regissur Matti Geschonneck(selber am Boxi aufgewachsen) hat dem “durchsanierten” Bezirk Friedrichshain den Rücken gekerht und den Film in Leipzig, Dessau und Halle gedreht. Trotzdem wird der Film wohl zum Pflichtprogramm für jeden der sich unserem Kiez verbunden fühlt.

Berliner Kiez

Sein Film schimmt nicht auf der Ostalgie Welle mit, sondern ist eine Milieustudie, in der es um eine Oma und ihren Enkel geht. Wärend seine Oma gerade ihre besten Jahre durchlebt und nur noch auf den Tot von Ehemann Nummer Sechs wartet, um mit dem Siebenten anzubendeln, versucht ihr Enkel den Mord am lokalen Fischhändler zu klären. Dabei trifft er auf alte Spartatkisten, Kiez-Schläger, Malocher und wichtig tuende Wachmeister. Doch wie soll es anders sein  stößt er schnell an die Grenzen des Arbeiter und Bauern Staates.Vertreten durch die Staatssicherheit.

Also doch irgendwie ein (Ost)Heimatfilm.

Ab 4.3.2010 in bestimmt auch in Euren Kiez-Kinos.