17/04/2018 – Folk Night feat. David Blair + Robert John Hope

It’s Folk Night at Bar Bobu again. This time with the amazing David Blair and the talented Robert John Hope. Both of them are amazing, although utterly different in their musical styles. Come on over and see for yourself 🙂

17/04/2018 – Kilkelly’s Birthday Open Sofa Sessions

It’s one of the coolest and coziest open mic’s of Berlin, Kilkelly’s Open Sofa Sessions and this time around it’s a birthday!

Located in the historic and awesome Kaffee Burger in Mitte it’s fun for everyone! If you wanna play, you’ve got to sign up at 9pm at Kaffee Burger.

Doors at 9pm.

13/04/18 – Ella Clayton live at R/D

Psst, wanna hear something cool? Ella Clayton plays the Friday Night Live at the R/D this Friday. She’s a great singer songwriter from London, who resides in Berlin at the moment to record her debut EP and has already built a solid fan base in the city. It’s definitely worth a listen 😉

Doors open at 19:00. Entrance is free.

12/04/18 – Three little Birds – Open Mic / Jam Session

Just around the corner from our hostel at the 12 Grad Aetherloge you’ll find the Three little Birds – Open Mic / Jam Session on Thursday. It’s the third instalment already and again you’ll see some amazing artists. This time it’ll be up to Sophie Sutton, Ruby Jean Rose, Liv Solveig and Michael Brinkworth to entertain you, and entertain you they will. That’s a promise 🙂

Doors at 20:00, Free entry.

12/04/18 – Lucas Laufen at ThursdaySounds at Tik Nord

Lucas Laufen, one of the best Berlin based singer-songwriters plays the Tik Nord in Friedrichshain on Thursday, 12.04. If you’re into shimmering guitars and falsetto melodies, then he’s your guy. Don’t miss out on Lucas Laufen at ThursdaySounds, it’s going to be a blast.

Doors: 21:00, entrance free/donation

Jam Session Moabit on Wednesday!

Jam is fun! Especially this on: the Jam Session Moabit at the Petersburger Art Space Berlin. There is going to be rock and funk and jazz and no matter if you want to play or just relax and chill you’ll be welcome. Everything hits off at about 19:00. It’s on a 1€ donation basis. See you there!



Stammtisch Musik/Medien on Wednesday

If you’re a musician or just someone who like to learn more about music and THE MEDIA go to Aufsturz in Mitte on Wednesday for the Stammtisch Musik/Medien von Susi und Maxi. It’s a great way to network or to just have a great time with some amazing people.

Folk Night feat Nate B & The Hidden Keys

If you’re into good drinks and great music in a cosy atmosphere, than you shouldn’t miss out on the Folk Night at Bar Bobu. This time it features Nate B & the Hidden Keys. They play an amazing mixture of Latin, Folk and Blues that’ll invite you to move your hips.

Gulliver App, because great trips are all about the people you meet.

What makes a trip special? Is it visiting cultural and historical sights or discovering new places to eat, drink and go out? Of course, all of that is part of a good trip but which are those unique travelling moments which you will never forget? We think that those truly memorable moments which make travelling so special are all about the new people you meet and the experience you share with them.

Gulliver App test run BerlinAt U inn Berlin Hostel, we know that social atmosphere matters. You can meet fellow travellers in our comfy common area or in the guest kitchen and starting from May 16 also through Gulliver App. With Gulliver App, our guests can exclusively connect with each other and the guests of 18 other hostels in Berlin. With just a few clicks you can connect to hundreds of travellers currently staying in Berlin and meet up for a crazy night out, a city tour or to grab some food together – all for free of course. During the next month, we’ll invite guests to try Gulliver during check in. Also there will be posters, flyers and even a Gulliver tablet station in the hostel. At the tablet station, the App will be running live showing which travellers are up for what so you’ll never to miss out on the opportunity to meet cool people from all over the world. In the App you’ll also get cool suggestions of things to do in Berlin and some sweet discount at restaurants and bars in the area.


Download GulliverApp

Gulliver is developed by three German and Swiss passionate travellers. The App is brand new so the guys will be in the hostel every now and then to see how you get along with Gulliver. Don’t be shy and say Hi to them 😉 We’re quite keen about the idea to use new technologies to bring people back together in real life again. What do you think? We’re interested in your opinion, just leave a comment here or just start the conversation with us in the hostel. See you soon and happy socializing at U inn Berlin Hostel!

Hipster Olympics Berlin 2012

Hipster olympics berlin 2012Hip Hip Hipster!

I don’t know if Berlin is really the Hipster capital everybody claims it to be but since we have the official Hipster Olympics in town it might be so. On Saturday 21.07.2012 at the Postbahnhof in Berlin Friedrichshain Hipsters from all over the world but most likely from Neukölln, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain will meet to find out who is the “Hippest” Hipster in town. Get yourself a Club-Mate or a Bubble Tea and join the (hip) crowd on Saturday at the Postbahnhof next to the East Side Gallery. You still don’t have any clue what this event will be about?

YouTube Preview Image

Here are some of the hipster disciplines:

  • Jute bag jumping
  • Club-Mate crate race
  • skinny jeans fighting
  • Apple product – The price is Right
  • Bubble tea dive
  • vinyl marathon

And many more.  Sound fun to you?!!  Go –> www.hipster-olympiade.de