Sunday Slips at Lagari, Neukölln

The Freudian Slip Club is a propper institution when it comes to music, comedy and Kleinkunst. If you don’t know what to do on a Sunday night, it always has to be Sunday Slips No Matter What!21688155_728415594032092_6674851202580153533_o

Yellow Melon live at BarBobu on Friday

If you like amazing music, great drinks in a beautiful atmosphere go to Barbobu this Friday and listen to Yellow Melon. It’s the latest project of Berlin’s most charming Australian, Georgie Fisher. This time she brought her siblings Extramentalist and Stephanie Grace along for the ride.
So put on your dancing shoes, because it’s Finally Friday feat. Yellow Melon20664743_2000100916682395_8521484946175429708_n